New Sit & Go Type - Double Or Nothing is happy to introduce you another type of entertaining Sit’n’Go tournaments – Double or Nothing.

The plot game can be easily guessed from its name: either you double your buy-in (without commission) or get absolutely nothing. Half of players win nothing and the others get double of their buy-in. The amount of you stake means nothing as all players get equal amount of money when the last defeated player leaves tournament.

This type of tournament has more success chances, new conception and some kind of equality. Double or Nothing has several positive aspects, comparing to regular Sit’n’Go:

- Depression in this game is lower, which gives you an opportunity to play with low bankroll and often has positive affect on players’ morale.

- They usually last for less time, that gives you an opportunity to participate in bugger number of tournaments and increase your income.

- In Double or Nothing it is recommended to use tight strategy, as a result – tournaments require less attention. That gives you an opportunity to play more tournaments at the same time, which, once more, increases your income.

- You can play more successfully in tournaments, where there are strong players along with weak. In regular Sit’n’Go tournaments you’d better be in first three players and existence of weak players doesn’t help you much. In Double or Nothing it is enough to be in top half of players and existence of weak players significantly increases your chances to win.

If you are a Sit’n’Go fan, than you must definitely try yourself in Double or Nothing Tournaments.