PokerDom plans for 2017 and the upcoming changes

Dear players, we want to share with you our strategic plans for 2017.

PokerDom sets a course for the international market! Many of you have participated in tournaments with Argentinians, some have heard about our affiliation with Sekabet, a Turkish poker-room aggregator, and most experienced players have participated in promotions on USD tables; these were preparation stages for a full-scale entry to new national markets. These first tentative steps have shown us the difficulties we may face and details we should pay special attention to.

We have extensive experience of working in Russia, we have mastered many ways to attract players in the CIS countries. We have the resources and the opportunities to apply this knowledge in new markets! We are ready for the next step - to the full involvement of a large mass of new foreign players and partners in the face of poker-rooms that join our network.

Our goal is to create a large international network of state-of-the-art poker-rooms!

Accomplishment of this mission will require a substantial amount of work on our product, internal regulations and offers. We will gradually transform PokerDom into a multifunctional structure, which will be easy to join by both new international players and new poker-rooms to expand our network. Here is a list of the initial changes:

  • In the first place tournaments will be updated: on January 15, rake in S'N'G-tournaments will be brought into compliance with the industry standards, and in mid-February buy-ins for all tournaments (MTT, S'N'G and Windfall) will be converted into USD. At this stage cash-game will still continue in RUB, but gradually USD-tables will step forward. International players find it easier to use USD as the gaming currency, and Russian players already know playing in USD inside out. As the result, the number of players in our tournaments will grow dramatically!
  • To enhance payment systems efficiency, funds withdrawal fee regulations will be amended. As you know, from the very beginning PokerDom took care of all the commissions associated with funds depositing and withdrawal. And we will continue to do so, but with an additional condition. From January 15, each player will be able to make three free withdrawals of funds per month. If a player wants to make withdrawals more often, he will be charged a fee by the payment system.
  • A limit on a one-time bank card withdrawal will be increased from $200 to $1,500.
  • Cash-outs to Kiwi wallets will remain commission-free even after the third withdrawal during one calendar month.
  • Previously issued reload bonuses must be revised in order to free poker room resources for new promotions once Pokerdom starts its entry to the international market. During January bonuses in line will be merged in one or several large bonuses with favorable period to generate rake customized for each individual player. Each player affected by this change will receive a personalized e-mail.

Russia and the nearest CIS countries will remain our core market and we are proud to have first reached success here, in the market viewed by the majority of poker experts as no longer possible to succeed in today's industry.

Existing PokerDom players will profit and benefit from the company's global reach: there will be more amateur players, tournaments with large prize pools, new jackpots, outstanding promotions, reward programs and hence higher wins!