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Windfall lottery – bounty of 700,000 RUB!

PokerDom announces a holiday event for all Windfall tournament lovers with a total prize fund of 700,000 RUB to start on December 7!
Just play Windfall tournaments, and we will award you special points each time you take a first place. At the end of the promotion, these points may be used to take part in a lottery, where the whole prize fund of the campaign will be distributed:

1 prize of 150,000 RUB
2 prizes of 75,000 RUB
4 prizes of 50,000 RUB
10 prizes of 20,000 RUB

The promotion involves all Windfall tournaments with all buy-ins. Below you can see buy-ins and the number of points awarded for winning respective tournaments:

15 RUB - 1 point
50 RUB - 3 points
150 RUB - 9 points
300 RUB - 18 points
500 RUB - 30 points
1,000 RUB - 60 points
3,000 RUB - 180 points
6,000 RUB - 360 points

For every 10,000 points a player is given a unique ticket for a draw. For example, a player with 50,000 points receives 5 unique tickets, each of which has a chance to win.

Windfall tournaments on PokerDom are fast single-table tournaments, where you have only two opponents! It is an excellent opportunity to win huge prizes in a matter of minutes. And, by the way, these tournaments are already available on mobile devices on Android!

Take part in the promo and win with PokerDom!

Full Windfall Lottery terms

1. Windfall tournament competition starts on December 7 at 03:00 (GMT+3).
2. Windfall tournament competition ends on December 27 at 02:59 (GMT+3).
3. The promotion applies only to Windfall tournaments with all buy-ins.
4. Points are awarded only for the first place in the Windfall tournament.
5. When a deal is made, points are not divided between the participants, but are awarded only to the winner, who is determined immediately after the deal without tournament playout.
6. For every 10,000 points a player receives a lottery ticket.
7. Tickets are awarded only for each full 10,000 points. For example, if you have 19,000 points, you will receive only one ticket.
8. One player can receive an unlimited number of tickets.
9. Total prize fund amounts to 700,000 RUB.
10. The Drawing of prizes will be performed at random with the help of site and recorded on video. Winners will be announced on a special page on the PokerDom website on December 27 at 17:00 (GMT+3).
11. The sequence of nicknames generated by the website will define prize places from 1 to 17.That is the nickname that appears in the first line, will be awarded the first place. The following nicknames will be respectively awarded consequent places. One player can win a number of prizes if several of his tickets win the lottery.
12. Cash lottery prizes will be transferred to players’ PokerDom accounts within 24 hours after the promotion end date and the lottery draw.
13. You can monitor the number of points awarded in the gaming client in the "Cash" section - "Active promo" or on this link (will come later).
14. The promotion terms may be amended or supplemented at any time.
15. Only PokerDom players can take part in the promotion.