About PokerDom

Frequently Asked Questions


How to create an account?

To create account, press “registration” button on the main page. Remember, you have to pass verification, by sending copy of your ID card or passport to address [email protected], also by confirming your e-mail address. Otherwise, you won’t be able to participate in different promotions and get bonuses. If you have any problems with software installation or launch, please contact us on [email protected]

What should I do to play for real money?

Just click on the 'Deposit' button at the top of the Lobby screen from the downloaded client, or from the header on the PokerDom.com website once you have logged in, and choose the appropriate deposit option to add funds to your account to start playing with real money.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password simply from your account profile pages. All you need to do is to log in the website and click the ‘My Profile’. Select “Change Password” option from below.

Can I have more than one PokerDom.com account?

No. For security reasons you are only permitted to have one PokerDom.com account. If you have more than one PokerDom.com account, please contact us immediately to have the accounts merged. Failure to do so may result in closure of your PokerDom.com account and forfeiture of your account balances.


What are the minimum requirements for your software?

Software minimum requirements:


Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8; Windows 8.1


Pentium, 2400 MHz and up


512 MB and up

Video Card

GeForce 5200, 256MB

Hard Disk Drive

100 MB


1024x768 and more

In case of problems with software installation contact us via [email protected] .

In e-mail mention your username, model of your PC or mobile device, version of OS, and detailed description of problem, with screenshots, if possible.

Do I need to go to the PokerDom.com website every time I want to play?

No. Just double-click on the PokerDom.com icon on your desktop and it will automatically connect your PC to PokerDom.com. Enter your account name and password and click on 'Log in' to start playing.

What can I do if I am unable to download the set-up file from the website?

Please check if you have enough disk space on your computer to save the set-up file, and make sure you are connected to the internet. Also, make sure you have the necessary privileges to download files from the internet onto your computer. Log in to the administrator profile and then attempt to download the set-up file. Also make sure your internet connection is stable throughout the download process If the download process is interrupted for any reason, please delete the set-up file you have partially downloaded and then begin the download process again.

I am unable to install the application, what should I do?

Make sure you have enough disk space on your computer to install the application. Ensure you have the necessary privileges to install applications on your computer. You need administrative privileges to install our software on your computer (log in as admin rather than as a guest user). Note that you can create a new profile with installation rights if you are logged in to the administrative profile on your computer.

What if I have connection problems after an upgrade?

Firewalls will sometimes fail to recognize upgraded PokerDom.com products, and block them. Open your firewall and ensure that PokerDom.com software is allowed access.

Flash version

Which features are available in PokerDom.com flash version?

In flash version of PokerDom.com are available all features of Desktop Software.

What are the minimum requirements?


Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8; Windows 8.1; Mac OS; Mac OS X


IE 7; Mozilla Firefox 5; Google Chrome 10.0; Opera 9; Safari 5 and up


800x600 and up



Pop-up windows




Adobe Flash Player version

10.0 and up

I clicked on the Instant Play link, but the software doesn’t load

Make sure that Adobe Flash Player is installed and updated on your PC. Also, check your browser settings. You must have JavaScript and Pop-up Windows enabled.

Mobile Version

Which features are available in PokerDom.com mobile version?

In mobile version of PokerDom.com are available all features of Desktop Software.

What are the minimum requirements?


Android 2.3.3 and up


ARM v7 and up


1 GHz


1 GB


800x480 and up

Will the app be updated even though it’s not in the Google Play store?

Yes, the app checks for updates at every startup and will notify you when one is available. Non-market downloads must be enabled for the update to download.

Can I make a withdrawal or deposit funds in the mobile app?

Yes, the cashier is available directly via our mobile app.

Are there any extra costs for playing poker on my mobile?

We do not charge you for playing poker on your mobile. Your network operator may charge you for using data. The cost of data can vary – contact your wireless operator for details.

Should I play through Wi-Fi or 3G?

When possible, play through Wi-Fi for a faster connection.